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Trauma - Resources and Support

Ontario Shores Resources

Community Services / Groups

Trauma and Stressor Related PTSD Apps

PTSD Coach Canada
Available on:
iOS | Android

Supplies information and self-help tools that aid individuals to learn about and manage symptoms after trauma. Also includes direct links to support.


  • Trauma Recovery
    A website on trauma recovery with funding and support from the Province of Manitoba.  “This website is not therapy or intended to be a replacement for therapy or professional counselling services. . . The information in this website might help you prepare for therapy or even compliment therapy in which you are already participating.”
  • Coming Back Home
  • Carolyn Spring
  • Boots On The Ground
    website that provides peer support, and resources for first responders.




 iTunes Podcasts

Betrayal Trauma Recovery

  • How to Heal The Trauma From Sexual Abuse
  • Surviving the Holidays When You’re in Trauma
  • Self-Care: Surviving In The Wilderness of Abuse
  • How Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Saved My Life
  • The Secret To A Happy, Healthy Life
  • The Healing Power In Saying “Me- Too”

Where Should We Begin: Esther Perel- Couple Therapist

  • Love Link: Signe Simon and Simone Humphrey
  • Road to Resilience: Mount Sinai Health System
  • The Empowered Women- Self- Love
  • Affirmation Pod- Josie Ong
    Soothing affirmations infused with self-love!

Spotify Podcasts

  • Ten Percent Happier: Dan Harris

Online Podcasts

Stitcher Podcasts


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