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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

We are proud of the collaborative process by which our Strategic Plan was developed. Through focus groups, interviews, online surveys, and review sessions,  hundreds of staff, physicians, volunteers, patients,  families, and provincial and community partners  contributed to the development of this plan. Together  with a thorough environmental scan and data analysis,  these perspectives have resulted in an ambitious  Strategic Plan that will guide us for the next four years.


We Care

We will provide personalized care, using the latest innovations and real-time data, in partnership with patients and family caregivers.

Ontario Shores has developed a reputation as a leader and trusted provider of high-quality evidence based mental health care. Over the next four years, Ontario Shores will tailor evidence-based care through utilizing near real-time patient data to provide personalized care for patients, leveraging innovative tools and technologies.

Strategic Goal 1:
Develop tools and approaches that embed patient characteristics into their care.

Strategic Goal 2:
Leverage technology that collects and utilizes near real-time data to personalize care.

We Lead

We will design an evidencebased, integrated continuum of care that enhances equitable access, improves outcomes and promotes recovery.

Ontario Shores will leverage its strength and lead the development of future standards to advance systems of care.

Over the next four years, Ontario Shores will engage targeted partners to codesign an integrated stepped care model that prioritizes keeping patients in their communities, improving access and efficiency of care delivery.

Strategic Goal 1:
Engage in purposeful partnerships to achieve equitable access to care across the continuum.

Strategic Goal 2:
Implement bundled care models and integrated population health strategies to improve patient outcomes.

Strategic Goal 3:
Empower patients and families as partners in Recovery.

We Unite

We will create a diverse and inclusive workplace that champions, empowers and supports our people and teams.

Ontario Shores will build upon its highly skilled and engaged workforce to create a dynamic workforce of the future. Mental Health professionals will learn and practice in diverse and inclusive interprofessional teams in partnership with patients, families and caregivers.

Strategic Goal 1:
Optimize team-based care that enables clinicians to work at the top of their professional scope.

Strategic Goal 2:
Build knowledge and capacity to elevate mental health care across the continuum.

Strategic Goal 3:
Be an employer of choice that focuses on the wellbeing, engagement and resilience of our people.

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