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Mental Health Bio-Hacks

While there are no easy fixes for depression or anxiety, there are some hacks to affect quick, temporary change. From manipulating what is sometimes called the ”soul” nerve to twisting a certain finger to change your mood. This episode has bio-hacks for your sleep, what you eat and how you move.

The Mental Health Podcast S1 E3: Lonely in a Crowded World

It can have the same impact on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness is a serious mental health issue, further complicated by the pandemic. Kevin's guests include social worker Loretta Karikari, from The Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, and Michael DiIorio, a Loneliness Life Coach.

The Mental Health Podcast S1 E1: Mental Health 101

In the first episode of The Mental Health Podcast, Dr. Phil Klassen from Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences joins host Kevin Frankish to give us the basics on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Christina Fuda discusses Mental Health First Aid. The show also has what will be a regular feature, Coping Hacks for your mental health, simple things you can do to feel better.