Three Voices Documentary


A quiet dancer, a feisty photographer, an idealistic social worker three strangers, three voices, one certainty -- living with mental illness is a lifelong journey. Alyshia, Stella and Asante don’t know each other, but together their voices tell a poignant tale of the confusion, despair, stigma and hope that accompany them on their journey. They lose hope. They get help. They find support. They have good days and bad.

Three Voices is a raw and heart-wrenching documentary about what mental illness really looks and feels like. It is a story about losing your grip on who you are and then rediscovering yourself through art, through self expression, through compassion for others. Three Voices is a film for those too afraid or too ashamed to use their own voice to ask for help. It is encouragement to do so.

Global Vision Award Reframe Reframe Au Contraire