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Adolescent Mental Health

Explore the complexities of adolescent mental health and the transformative Eating Disorders and Adolescent Program at the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in this episode of Mental Health Matters. Hosts Julie VanHartingsvelt and Jett, along with a lineup of passionate advocates and experts, raise awareness and inspire change in the realm of adolescent mental health.

The Mental Health Podcast S1 E2: Growing Pains - the Mental Health Journey of our Youth

When it comes to mental health, our youth are in big trouble. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for kids aged 10 to 19 years.  Youth who need mental health services are often not well supported: less than 20 per cent receive appropriate treatment. Why is it worse for youth today than it was years ago? What can we do about it? What should parents know? That is the topic of this episode of the Mental Health Podcast. Kevin Frankish's guests include Stacey Beaveridge, who works with adolescents at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health, and Mike Foreman, star of an award winning documentary called "When Hope Breaks Through".

ONCAIPS Conference: The Changing Landscape of Child and Adolescent Inpatient Units – What’s Going On?

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The ONCAIPS network looks forward to hosting the annual conference September 28th to 29th, hosted at Ontario Shores.  The theme of the conference this year is The Changing Landscape of Child and Adolescent Inpatient Units – What’s Going On?  The goal of the conference is to open the conversation about how we are managing the complex presentations on our units.  While we consider what changes we can make, as a provincial network, to support the needs of youth admitted to our inpatient settings.

We invite you to come and learn more about the current trends on inpatient units from a provincial lens.  We will take a journey to hear about how community-based programs have responded to need to “move the needle”.  We will hear how they completed the work, the challenges faced when making the change, along with how measurement-based care is supporting the direction of treatment recommended by the clinical team.  

The ONCAIPS conference provides the opportunity to network with leaders and members of the interdisciplinary inpatient teams. We are excited to share and collaborate ideas to help strengthen the crucial work of child and adolescent inpatient units. For those unable to meet in person there will be a virtual option.

If you are interested in sharing your successes and/or recent research supporting child and adolescent inpatient care.  There will be an opportunity to showcase your work at the conference.  Please email @email if you are interested.

Event is a half-day on Thursday, September 28 and a full day on Friday, September 29. See the agenda

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Together, Kinark Child and Family Services and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences will expand Outpatient Eating Disorder services in the community.

Group of individuals in discussion in a circle

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and Kinark Child and Family Services (Kinark) are pleased to announce that they will work collaboratively to expand community-based Outpatient Adolescent Eating Disorder Services to meet the needs of East Region patients and famili

#MindVine: Rogers TV: September 2022 Episode

The #MindVine mental health show is presented by Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. This episode features hosts Darryl Mathers and Julia VanHartingsveldt talking back to school with adolescent psychologist Dr. Nadia D'Iuso as well as everything Ontario Shores with President and CEO Karim Mamdani and mental health advocate Lori Lane-Murphy.

Youth Mental Health Panel

October is Mental Illness Awareness Month and we are proud to welcome everyone to Ontario Shores for Mental Health and Recovery Day on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

Throughout the day a series of speakers with lived experience will engage in conversations on a variety of topics impacting mental health, including stigma, treatment, access and system navigation.

10:00 a.m.
Youth Mental Health Panel

Moderated by Communications Specialist Darryl Mathers, a panel of young adults with diverse perspectives and experiences with mental illness discuss what today’s youth need in terms of support to manage mental health. Included in the panel are Chelsea Lall, a former adolescent inpatient and current university student, Suraj Bansal, a mental health advocate who currently attends McMaster University and Rachel Leggett, a recent graduate from the University of Toronto who serves as a speaker for Jack.org in addition to being a Crisis Responder with Kid's Help Phone.

The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes in length followed by refreshments and networking.

Please RSVP to @email.

The is a FREE community event. There will be no charge for parking at Ontario Shores on October 19. 

Pre- and Post-Event Survey

Please complete this brief survey before and after attending the event to help us explore the impact that patient and family stories about mental health and recovery has on those who hear them.