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The Post-Secondary Recovery College Movement

Interprofessional Grand Rounds


Presented by:

Holly Harris (she/her), MA; Julia Houston (she/her), BAH; Rachael Battistelli (she/her), BSc

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences


Hallie Palmer (she/her), BA (in progress)

Ontario Tech University


Learning Objectives:

1. To understand the personal Recovery movement and Recovery College philophy

2. To appreciate the impact and applicability of Recovery College programming in non-traditional settings, such as in the post-secondary space

3. To understand the importance of co-design in creating relevant, impactful and engaging communities


Join Zoom:

https:// s06web.zoom.us/j/89370603044?pwd=VHV6QWpvejJGWUZ4dlJiMlYwanVKdz09u