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Geriatric Transitional Outreach (GTO)

The Geriatric Transitional Outreach (GTO) service provides short-term consultation and/or transitional support to seniors who are 65+ with general mental health (mood, anxiety, psychosis), and/or Dementia related illness.

Shane Christensen, Author of Kicking the Darkness

In Episode 111 of the #MindVine #mentalhealth podcast we are talking about the impact of #mentalillness on families, with Kicking the Darkness author Shane Christensen. Shane's journey with #mentalillness started in the 70s with his older brother and continued with the #mentalhealth challenges faced by his son. He shares his story on the #MindVine podcast with host Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers). The podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts.