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Let’s Talk AND Let’s Listen

Two women talking face to face

I love Bell Let's Talk Day. It’s a day meant to break down our stigmas and judgments surrounding mental illness so that people living with them have a safe space to talk about their experiences. A conversation we hope to continue all year long.

Celebrating a Century of Care: STIGMA

Over the last 100 years Ontario Shores has been constantly changing and so has mental health Stigma. Lori Lane-Murphy, one of our Ambassadors of Hope, takes us through a brief history of Stigma as we continue Celebrating a Century of Care.

Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude - Marion's Story

Marion Anderson has fought a slew of mental health labels over the years, “I’ve fought the blackest of depressions, fought my way back from suicide attempts and self harm,” she says.

Words Matter: The Story Behind the Hope T-Shirt

Hope Shirt

Words Matter.  This tagline served as the inspiration for us in the creation of our new mental health awareness campaign.  We know that for those with a mental illness, words can hurt and be a barrier to recovery.  Ontario Shores reached out to people living with mental illness, their families, o