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Driving Education through Technology into the Next Era

​The Faculty of Health Sciences at Ontario Tech University invites you to join its 6th annual "New Year; New Ideas" event in collaboration with the Ontario Shores on Wednesday, January 18. This year's theme is "Driving Education through Technology into the Next Era." 

Keynote address: Rachel Sumner, CEO,Ontario Tech TALENT
Panel: Lynn Zhu, Dawne Barbieri, Sarah Flogan, Jeff Connelly
Breakout room 1: Adam Dubrowski, Brenda Gamble: How to Build Microcredentials
Breakout room 2: Winnie Sun, Lynn Zhu, Manon Lemonde: How to Evaluate Microcredentials

This is a virtual event hosted on Zoom

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Dr. Carolyn McGregor

Professor Carolyn McGregor AM is the Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence for Health and Wellness and a two-time Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics based at Ontario Tech University.