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Update on the DMHS and Ontario Shores Collaboration

Ontario Shores and Durham Mental Health Services
Published Date

In May, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) announced their commitment to explore opportunities for greater collaboration to enhance mental health care services in the region.

Both organizations explored three options, from remaining as collaborative partners with stand-alone organizations, to deepening partnerships in operational functions, to an integrated organization. 

Following a first level analysis that assessed value creation for clients, value creation for staff and innovation and quality opportunities, the boards of each organization have passed a motion that supports further exploration of an integration. 

DMHS and Ontario Shores both recognize that it is important to preserve the strengths, culture and traditions of both organizations and uphold the community presence of DMHS.

Both organizations will continue to work together to conduct a thorough analysis of an integration with the intention of bringing a recommendation and high level implementation strategy to their respective boards later this fall.   

For those who would like to share feedback, please visit the websites of each organization to submit comments.

The original statement can be found here.

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