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Vocational Services Testimonials

“Amazing and Compassionate”

I have been working with Falguni on my journey of finding suitable employment.

She is utterly amazing and compassionate in helping people accomplishing their goals of finding employment. She is patient and takes the time to understand you as a job seeker and she keeps you up to date with the local and surrounding areas' job market, so that you do not miss out on any potential job opportunities.

She helps with creating resumes, cover letters, and filling out on-line job applications and apart from your regular weekly schedule appointment with her, she is always readily available if you need her help on short notice in preparing for a potential new job opportunity.

I have been off work, and it is especially important to me to work with someone as helpful and passionate as Falguni. Overall, it has been a great experience and I would recommend the service to anyone who is serious about moving forward and looking for a change.

~ Esther


“Forever Grateful”

Vocational Services is such an essential component of recovery and I will be forever grateful for it. The support I have received has been above and beyond. Navigating returning to work and managing your mental health can be both challenging and scary. With the help of vocational services, it doesn’t have to be.

~ Trisha


“They have helped me feel supported and validated”

The Vocational Services team at Ontario Shores is very special to me. It’s something I’m very thankful for and it’s something that has been very helpful to me for the last few years.

 The Vocational Service was the first service I used at Ontario Shores and I still use it today. From the moment I walked through the doors I felt very welcomed. Everyone was so kind and willing to help. I remember they introduced me to a support group at Ontario Shores that was for people who work and have a mental illness. I always enjoyed going to the group and the workers were always so kind and supportive. I always felt like it was a safe space where I could talk about some of the struggles I was facing at work. It was also nice to listen and have support from my fellow peers as well.

Through my years of being in Vocational I have had a few amazing workers. They have helped me with resumes, cover letters and applying for jobs. And when I was working they supported me with anything I needed and were there for me. I want to give a special shout out to Lori Meyer. She has been my vocational worker for about 5 years now. She’s wonderful. She’s supported me through different jobs I have had and even has advocated for me when I’ve needed help or was struggling with a job. When we have our monthly meetings she always meets me in the community where it’s easy for me to get to. (Pre covid) She has just always been so kind and helpful. I currently work part time and I feel so happy that I have someone that I know I can count on who will check up on me and be there for me if I’m ever struggling at work. Lori also checks up on me in general to see how I am doing. It really means a lot. I really appreciate everything she does. Lori also introduced me to Recovery College which I’ll be forever thankful for because Recovery College helped change my life for the better.

 In conclusion I am so thankful for the Vocational Services at Ontario Shores. They have helped me feel supported and validated. They have given me the confidence that I can work even though I have a mental illness. And have shown me that they will support me through and through when I need it. They have given me the confidence that I can be a good employee and that my feelings are valid.

~ Kayla

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