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Waves of Gratitude Staff Honourees

Expressing Thanks to an Amazing Team

Thank you to the following staff members for truly #RisingUp for our patients, community and each other.

Amanda King, Clinical Manger, Geriatric CPU
Waves of Gratitude - Amanda King
Amanda is an authentic leader who continuously provides strong, consistent and thoughtful leadership. She has built a very strong community on the Geriatric Transitional Unit. Thank you Amanda for who you are and for giving your talents to Ontario Shores.
Andra Duff-Woskosky
Maureen Patterson, Webmaster
Foundation - Waves of Gratitude - Maureen
Maureen is incredible to work with. She is so friendly, warm and a real team player. She treats everyone with respect and patience and is knowledgeable in her job. Thank you Maureen for making work-life a joy!
Brea Blight
Mozhgan Peiravi, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Foundation - Waves of Gratitude - Mozhgan Peiravi
Mozhgan is a mental health nurse to the core. Her love and respect for her chosen profession and the vulnerable patients we serve has shone during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been a true champion for patient safety and engagement.
Andra Duff-Woskosky
Andrea Marshall, Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Foundation - Waves of Gratitude - Andrea Marshall
Andrea has been amazing throughout the entire pandemic. She is a Rock Star! There is not a single thing she wouldn't do for anyone in need. She works tirelessly for all staff, patients and volunteers at Ontario Shores!
Katy Barron
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