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Inpatient Care

What to expect if you have been admitted for inpatient care

Patients staying at Ontario Shores work together with their treatment team to develop individualized recovery plans suited to their goals, strengths and abilities, with the goal of returning to the community at an optimal level of well-being.


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Welcome to Ontario Shores

A patient’s journey to recovery begins upon admission. 

The Admission Process

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect from Treatment

You will work in partnership with your care team to design a plan of care based on your personal recovery goals. Every person's experience will look different, however depending on the condition being treated there may be some commonalities - such as the therapies used and steps taken. 

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Supporting your Wellness Goals

Mental Illness can make it difficult for individuals to manage other aspects of their health and wellbeing. For example, they may also struggle with personal care, nutrition, or fitness,  At Ontario Shores patients work with their care team to define and support their overall wellness goals.

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Patient Services and Amenities

Inpatients have access to several practical amenities such as food services, laundry, mail, transportation, hair salon, library, clothing shop, wifi and much more. 

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