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Recovery Model of Care

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Recovery and Rediscover a shared journey

Ontario Shores uses a new recovery model of care throughout the organization. The Interprofessional Collaborative Recovery Model is based on the principles of empowerment, hope, recovery, collaboration, identity, responsibility and meaning in life. The model builds on the current care model through a holistic patient-centred approach. It combines medical, rehabilitation and psychological perspectives in the treatment of mental illness. The shared journey promotes inclusion and empowerment of patients and treatment options that are tailored to the individual needs of patients to support their well-being.

Commitment to Recovery

Ontario Shores was one of the first organizations to sign the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Declaration of Commitment to Recovery. The purpose of the declaration is to generate dialogue, build support and increase momentum for the adoption of the recovery philosophy in mental health organizations.

We will continue to look for opportunities where we can contribute to advancing recovery-oriented practices, participate in the discussion about recovery-focused programs and services and share our learnings and tools with others.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to sign the declaration to show support for recovery-oriented mental health care. Visit www.mentalhealthcommission.ca for more information.

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