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Anxiety - Treatment and Recovery

What you can expect when receiving treatment for anxiety at Ontario Shores

If you are reading this page, it means you are taking steps toward getting the help you need and deserve in managing your anxiety. You might be considering reaching out for treatment and want to learn more. Or you may have already been referred and are waiting for your first appointment.

It is important to know you are never alone. If you receive treatment from Ontario Shores, our team will support you by helping you learn ways to cope with unpleasant thoughts, emotions and behaviours and help you live the life you want to live.

If you or a healthcare provider have referred you to Ontario Shores, our Central Intake Team will review your referral and depending on your individual level of need recommend one or more of the following in person or virtually:

If referred to outpatient services, you can expect weekly sessions focused on learning and practicing new skills focused on managing your symptoms. The number of therapy sessions you participate in varies based on the type of treatment you will be doing:

  • eCBT approx. 8-10 weeks
  • CBT approximately 12 weeks
  • IPT approximately 12 weeks

When you begin treatment you may find that you feel an increase in your symptoms. This is normal as you start a new program, but through consistent participation and engagement you will likely experience a decrease in your anxiety-related symptoms.



Self-Help Resources

Between appointments, there are several self-help resources and additional supports that may be helpful for your anxiety.

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