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Depression - Treatment and Recovery

What you can expect when recieving treatment for depression at Ontario Shores

Depression is a common illness that can affect anyone. It’s important to understand it does not make you weak and most importantly, it’s not your fault you are experiencing negative thoughts.

Getting help early can help promote recovery and allow you to learn the best ways to manage and cope with the depressive thoughts and behaviours.

Here at Ontario Shores we have a team of trained mental health professionals to provide you with effective treatment options to best manage your symptoms.

It’s also important to know that most people recover from a depressive episode and our team will provide you with interventions aimed to support you on your recovery journey.

Program Overview

We will provide you with an assessment to help determine the best strategies for your needs and preferences. Ontario Shores programs supporting individuals with depression include:

What to Expect

During your first appointment, your clinician will determine and recommend an individualized treatment plan based on your needs which can include interventions involving therapy, medication or brain stimulation. You may receive the following types of psychotherapy offered virtually, individually or in a group setting:

Program Outcomes

We will work with you to determine the best strategies for your specific needs and preferences to help you enjoy life again. If the initial treatment intervention you receive is not effective or relapse occurs, our team will provide you with another treatment option to best manage and treat your symptoms.

For more support and self-help resources visit the Depression - Resources and Support page. 

Self Help

Self-Help Resources

While you wait for service please review these self-help resources

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