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Words Matter: The Story Behind the Hope T-Shirt

Hope Shirt
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Words Matter.  This tagline served as the inspiration for us in the creation of our new mental health awareness campaign.  We know that for those with a mental illness, words can hurt and be a barrier to recovery.  Ontario Shores reached out to people living with mental illness, their families, our staff and the community to hear first-hand what words they felt inspired discovery, recovery and hope.  The results were incorporated into the HOPE T-shirt design as a way to carry this important message forward.  We hope these t-shirts will create conversations in our communities and change the way we talk about mental illness.

The creation of the HOPE T-shirt campaign is a tremendous source of pride for all of us on the Communications and Public Affairs team.  While we don’t provide clinical care we are fortunate in our jobs to have almost daily interactions with patients, their loved ones and our communities.  We hear their struggles, see their accomplishments and are so inspired by their courage and strength to overcome so many barriers to achieve their own individual recovery and create hope for themselves and others.  The team has translated their passion, dedication and talent into the creation of a campaign that we hope will contribute to greater awareness, compassion and support to those affected by mental illness.

We want to thank everyone who has purchased a HOPE T-shirt and are wearing them proudly at work and at home.

We continue to sell T-shirts at the hospital and at various events we participate in throughout the community.  T-shirts are $10 each.  For more information about how you can purchase a T-shirt, please email the team at @email or call us at 905.430.4001.

We want to hear from you!  Post a picture of yourself wearing our T-shirt to our Facebook page.  Share your story about how this T-shirt has created a conversation or led to positive change for those affected by mental illness.  Use the hashtag #hopetshirt and let’s create change together.

Words Matter.

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