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‘You’ve Inspired Us with your Resiliency and Optimism'

Family Council Pens Thank You Letter to Everyone at Ontario Shores
Thank you letter
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Members of the Family Council would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the selfless commitment you’ve made throughout this pandemic to the patients who depend on you.

You’ve kept families and caregivers up to date with new policies and procedures at Ontario Shores and you’ve allowed us to feel more connected to our loved ones when virtual visits were our only option. As families with loved ones in your care, nothing means more to us than knowing they’re supported by the best staff. There have been many challenging times and we haven’t always been able to comfort our friends and family, but you have. You’ve stepped in when we couldn’t be there. For this act of compassion alone, we are eternally grateful.

You’ve inspired us with your resiliency and optimism during the ever-changing and uncertain healthcare landscape and the COVID-19 virus; always remaining a bright light when many saw only darkness. You’ve shown courage and astounding strength as you adapted to this new reality and thought of innovative ways to keep your patients and our family members safe. No matter how difficult the tasks may have appeared, you have shown the resourcefulness and willingness to do what needs to be done and go above and beyond your normal duties. Day by day you’ve shown up and given of yourselves. The overtime hours, working holidays, and missed family time have not gone unnoticed. We also recognize the tremendous risk you’ve placed yourself and your family in by committing to coming to work – all because you knew there were people depending on you.

Ernest Hemingway said that courage is “grace under pressure”, and nothing seems more accurate in describing all healthcare workers during these times. The true character of someone is shown when they are in a situation of high pressure: they can either flee, break down or rise and meet the challenge head-on. We have seen all Ontario Shores staff truly embody #RisingUp and the unwavering strength that stands behind this statement.

These are and have been uncertain times, but the one certainty that has shone through is the resiliency and commitment of staff members. We couldn’t imagine Ontario Shores without amazing people like you. We are humbled and immensely proud, to stand beside you and support each one of you. We are hopeful for the future and have no doubt you have all made an incredible difference in the lives of the patients at Ontario Shores.

With good health and continued hope, be safe, be well, and know that you are making a difference.


Family Council at Ontario Shores

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