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Accessing Care for Addictions

We understand how difficult recovery can be for people struggling with addictions, but we know recovery is possible.

There are many different kinds of addictions that can fall into two categories; substance addiction, and process/behavioural addiction. When individuals experience an addiction together with a mental illness this is referred to as a Concurrent Disorder. 

Substance Addiction
Drug addiction describes the inability to control the use of a drug or the continued use of a drug despite the harm it causes. Drug addiction can cause you to feel an intense craving for the drug and the feeling that you cannot quit alone. This may include addiction to prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, alcohol, smoking, vaping and illegal drugs.

Process/Behavioural Addiction
Process/behavioural addictions include gambling, computer/video games, exercise, surfing the Internet or sex.

Concurrent Disorders
When individuals have co-occurring mental health and addiction this is referred to as a Concurrent Disorder. 

We are here to help

Current Patients
Ontario Shores supports current active clients with Concurrent Disorders. 
If you are already a client, you must inform your primary clinician or inpatient team that you would like to be referred to the Concurrent Disorders team and they can refer you to the program. 

Wait times can vary based on changing service demands, however our typical wait time for the Concurrent Disorders program is one to two months. For this reason, if you are interested in accessing our services, please request a referral as soon as possible.

Individuals connected with the Concurrent Disorders team can expect to be engaged through goal setting, relapse prevention planning and talk therapy.

You and your clinician will co-create a treatment plan that will address your mental health and addiction needs. The plan may include individual therapy, group therapy and / or online programming through “Breaking Free Online.”

Not yet an Ontario Shores Patient?

If you are not yet a patient with Ontario Shores but are experiencing a mental illness please consider a referral to Ontario Shores for your mental illness first. We may have a treatment program for you if you are experiencing depression, anxiety or trauma for example.  

Don't have a Concurrent Disorder?

Individuals who have substance use concerns, and no mental illness may be referred to alternative services, such as the Pinewood Centre

Connex can also be accessed by phone or web chat to provide information on accessing addiction services in Ontario.

See additional online support and resources for addictions.


What to Expect

What to expect while in treatment for a Concurrent Disorder

Self-Help Resources

While you wait for service please review these self-help resources and additional supports. 

Self Help
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