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Prompt Care Clinic

The Prompt Care Clinic at Ontario Shores provides care for individuals who require timely access to psychiatric services, but do not require an emergency department visit.  A psychiatrist and/or nurse practitioner provides a clinical assessment for the purpose of providing diagnostic, and treatment recommendations that is sent back to the referral source.

Individuals who are symptomatic to the point where a significant amount of personal distress is evident and where distress may increase if there is a delay in treatment can be referred to this clinic.

The Prompt Care Clinic is located within the
Ontario Shores Durham Community Clinic,
Whitby Mall
1615 Dundas St. Whitby
West Tower, Third Floor Unit 306

Phone: 905.432.4121
Fax: 905.432.4411

Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Services include:

  • Specialized assessment, medication recommendations, illness education and recommendations for treatment options
  • All assessments completed by an interprofessional team including a psychiatrist and/or nurse practitioner and sent to the referral source
  • A brief one-time follow-up session with a case worker to review community resources.

Age 12 + 

Inclusion Criteria

Individuals 12 years old or older who are symptomatic and require prompt care, but do not need to visit the emergency room. Individuals must not have acute medical issues.

Service Access

Referrals are accepted from, family physicians, walk-in clinic physicians, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners.

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