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Refocus on Recovery Canada 2020 - Abstract Submission Form

Please first review the Refocus on Recovery Canada 2020 - Abstract Submission Guidelines (.pdf).

Refocus on Recovery Canada 2020 - Call for Abstracts
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Recovery and Diverse Populations
Recovery Across the Lifespan
Diverse and Innovative Models of Service Delivery


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Please provide an abstract or short description of your topic (approximately 500 words). Suggested headings include:

Why did you start? (Introduction) (Answer this question by describing the subject of the presentation, or the  purpose/rationale of the presentation. Clearly set forth the issue, problem, or question addressed.)

What did you do? What happened? (Methods) Describe the approach to the problem and/or research design, including, for example, data collection methods or statistical analyses used and who you spoke to.  

What did you find? (Results) Present the findings and outcomes. The results section should be descriptive in nature, and should not include interpretation of the findings.
What does it mean? (Discussion) The discussion section should focus on interpreting what you found. This section should inform the reader of the implications, importance, meaning of the results and key messages.

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