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#MindVine Podcast Episode 49 - Implementing Quality Standards in Treatment of Dementia

In this episode, we have two special guests from Ontario Shores in Andra Duff-Woskosky, Director of the Geriatric Program, and Dr. Robyn Waxman, Geriatric Psychiatrist. The two discuss Health Quality Ontario's Quality Standards for the Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia and how it was implemented at Ontario Shores. This episode of the #MindVine Podcast is hosted by Communications team members Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers).

Living with Dementia

Dementia disorders are the most common mental health problem affecting Canadian seniors. Dementia involves loss of memory and cognitive abilities and almost always affects judgment, decision-making and relationships. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia disorder. Other types of dementia include vascular dementia, dementia with Lewi Bodies, and frontotemperal dementia.