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Inspired by Stories of Recovery and Hope

Shared by our patients, their families, staff and volunteers, these stories help break down barriers, give a voice to those who need it, and help many others who may also be struggling with a mental health challenge.

JenniferJennifer - Patient
"I was too scared to say anything"
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CodyCody - Patient
"PHP has been great. A lot of the skills they teach seem like common sense, but it’s how they deliver it that makes the difference." 
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chelseaChelsea - Patient
"I felt like I was never meant to live to see 17." 
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team shayneTeam Shayne - Family Members
"Every member of our team, those who contribute and share in our pain help to raise money for a great cause." 
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simonSimon - Volunteer
"I encourage students who are looking for research opportunities in mental health to look into Ontario Shores." 
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