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#MindVine Podcast Episode 03 - Day 2, CMHA Mental Health For All Conference

Episode 3 of the #MindVine Podcast features news, views and interviews related to mental health, mental illness and recovery. In this episode we're on site at CMHA's Mental Health For All conference. Day 2 at the conference includes interviews with Joe Kim the Director of Communications at CMHA Ontario, Mark Henick, Mental Health Advocate and Dr. Patrick Smith, National CEO of CMHA.

The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Communications team members Darryl Mathers and Chris Bovie.

Episode Segments:

Guest: Joe Kim - https://youtu.be/pGSeIss9qxQ?t=2m13s

Guest: Mark Henick - https://youtu.be/pGSeIss9qxQ?t=17m10s

Guest: Dr. Patrick Smith - https://youtu.be/pGSeIss9qxQ?t=41m49s

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