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Ontario Shores and Mozzaz Merge Patient Engagement and Care Planning

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Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and Mozzaz, a digital health company based in Waterloo, Ontario, are proud to formally announce the launch of an innovative mobile mental health app for patients.

Ontario Shores, a specialty mental health hospital in Whitby, Ontario, and Mozzaz have launched a patient engagement mobile app which delivers personalized mobile interventions to patients.

The app uses Mozzaz’s mHealth platform and is fully integrated with Ontario Shores’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

“Technology and innovation is what will propel mental health care forward in Ontario,” notes Karim Mamdani, President and CEO at Ontario Shores. “Providing patients with the ability to access care, tools and resources at their convenience through a mobile app represents a new era of mental health care.”

The Mozzaz solution enables patients to actively participate in their care and stay connected to their care teams in between appointments through their mobile devices. Patients also have the ability to enter scheduled self-assessment forms and access reminders for medications directly into the app, which is seamlessly integrated into the patient’s EMR creating efficiencies for staff at Ontario Shores.

Patients from Ontario Shores’ Transitional Aged Youth, Neuropsychiatry Service, Eating Disorders and Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Services are participating in the project to assist in measuring impact and efficiencies while also helping to identify opportunities to expand the service to other patient populations.

“Mobile health solutions with interactive patient engagement really becomes powerful when it’s integrated into clinical workflows through seamless data integration and interoperability,” says Rini Gahir, co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Mozzaz. “Real-time data collection that automatically updates the patient’s health record directly from the point-of-care provides additional insights and timely information the care team can act on.”  

Ontario Shores-Mozzaz Mobile Mental Health App Demo

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