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Ontario Shores Launches Journal of Recovery in Mental Health

Recovery College
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Recovery-oriented practice has been a driving force in the way we deliver our programs and services here at Ontario Shores. Our goal is to provide an environment of discovery and hope that supports and enhances our patients’ sense of individual recovery from mental illness.  Ontario Shores continues to evolve and deliver several new initiatives related to recovery in mental health services and the latest milestone in this pursuit is the development and launch of an academic journal focusing on recovery in mental health.

I am very pleased to introduce the Journal of Recovery in Mental Health and as a research scientist studying recovery at Ontario Shores, I am proud to be the publication’s first managing editor.  This peer-reviewed, open access journal is the first of its kind devoted to the field of recovery in mental health. The Journal of Recovery in Mental Health will provide readers with the most current and innovative research, policy development, debates, leading practices and perspectives regarding mental health and recovery. This journal will blend together both the professional and lived experience perspectives to provide a comprehensive look at issues impacting the mental health care system and the individuals and groups who use its programs and services.  Our hope is that the publication will serve to be a valuable resource to inform a variety of stakeholders including, service users and their families, caregivers, clinicians, policy makers and researchers. 

I am also proud to share that we will launch this journal with an esteemed group of advisory editorial board members that include international advocates for mental health and recovery.  Our board members include: Dr. Larry Davidson of Yale University; Christine Holland of the Ontario Family Caregivers’ Advisory Network; Linda Gravel of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences; Dr. Kwame McKenzie of the Wellesley Institute Toronto; Dr. Lindsay Oades of the University of Melbourne; Glenna Raymond of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology; and Nicholas Watters of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Each issue of the journal will be associated with an important theme in recovery and mental health.  Our first issue will be Recovery in Mental Health: Global Perspectives.  Mental health issues do not discriminate and much can be learned from the research and innovative practices around the world.  Our understanding of recovery in mental health has evolved and grown so much in the last few decades.  By highlighting some of the advancements made within Canada and across the globe, we hope to further advance recovery-related research and practice. 

We welcome submissions from all disciplines and points of view, including those who are “experts by experience.”  Although it is primarily a themed issue journal, we will also review a variety of recovery-related manuscripts at any time.  It is my pleasure to invite you to take a look at our first special issue of the Journal of Recovery in Mental Health which we hope will become an informative and valuable resource to all those interested in recovery and mental health.


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