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Webinar: Advances in Dementia Research

What is the Role of Virtual Reality in Supporting Dementia Caregivers? 


This webinar will provide an overview of the caregiving/care partnering role, in the context of caring for persons living with dementia, and the impact on the carers' health and wellbeing. Dr. Mary Chiu will review evidence-based interventions and training programs currently available to support carers for different aspects of this demanding role. She will introduce virtual reality as a technological tool, and its usefulness in supporting individuals in different roles and life circumstances, including dementia caregiving. 

Finally, Dr. Chiu will introduce a study, for which she is co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Amer Burhan, titled "Dementia Caregivers Skill Training Through Virtual Reality Simulation (VR-SIM Carers)". This study is inviting people to participate in a project designed to adapt a caregiver training program for dementia onto a Virtual Reality (VR) platform. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

About the Presenter: 

Dr. Mary Chiu holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. She is a Research Scientist at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, an Adjunct Professor at Ontario Tech University, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. 

Dr. Chiu's research interests focus on the psychology of older adults with respect to social interactions and the concept of psychological resilience in the context of infomal caregiving and dementia. Her primary research aim is to identify factors that promote resilience and effective coping for this population. In addition, her work aims to identify components of group psychotherapy programs that make them effective in addressing complex needs and challenges of informal carers caring for someone living with dementia. 

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Ty Redublo, Caregiver and Translational Researcher

In Episode 116 of the #MindVine Mental Health podcast Caregiver and Translational Researcher Ty Redublo shares his story as a young caregiver and his work as Translation Researcher supporting young people caring for loved ones. The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers). The podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts. #nationalcaregiverday

#MindVine​ Podcast Episode 110 - Knowledge Translation

In Episode 110 of the #MindVine #mentalhealth podcast we are discussing the importance of knowledge translation in a mental healthcare setting. Ontario Shores' Dr. Mary Chiu, Research Coordinator, Natalie Lowe, Knowledge Translation Champion, discuss how organizations like Ontario Shores can benefit from a process that enhances organizational knowledge. The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers). The podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts.

Age-period-cohorts in health services research: An application to physician service data

Presented by:
David Rudoler, PhD
Chair of Population Health and Innovation in Mental Health
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Learning Objectives:

  1. Overview of age-period-cohorts modelling
  2. Demonstration of application of age-period-cohort models to questions in health services research
  3. Report findings from age-period-cohort model of physician services data and implications for health human resource policy

Thursday, April 14, 2022
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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