Dr. Shital Desai

Shital Desai

Dr. Shital Desai, B.E, M.S, PhD

Postdoc Research Felow, Research and Academics


Dr. Shital Desai is a Postdoc Research Fellow at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences with the AGE-WELL group. She completed her PhD titled, Intuitive Interaction in children, at Queensland University of Technology, Australia and Masters in Electronics and Controls at Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), India. She has several years of experience working in Engineering and Design industry. Her research interests are in the area of Human Centered Engineering specifically designing for and with children and elderly. She has collaborated actively with researchers in disciplines of Design, Health Care and Robotics on various research and commercial projects. Shital is working with the AGE-WELL group understanding user needs of elderly people and developing tools using co-creation techniques for technology engagement.

Research Practice Areas
Human Centered Engineering, Design Research, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, User Centered Design

Areas of Research

  • AGE-WELL Work Package WP1 NEEDS-OA: Understanding the Needs of Older Adults
  • WP1.2 - TUNGSTEN: Tools for User Needs Gathering to Support Technology Engagement
  • Understanding needs and requirements of older people and people with Dementia for ageing in place and active participation in daily activities.
  • Developing co-creation tools to facilitate user centred design process
  • Interaction Design for children: Embodied intuitive interaction


Recent Publications:

Blackler, Alethea, Desai, Shital, McEwan, Mitchell, Popovic, Vesna and Diefenbach, Sarah (in press), Chapter 2: Perspectives on the nature of intuitive interaction in Blackler, Alethea (Ed) Intuitive Interaction: Research and Application, CRC-Press Boca Raton, FL

Blackler, Alethea, Popovic, Vesna and Desai, Shital, (in press), Chapter 4: Intuitive Interaction Research Methods in Blackler, Alethea (Ed) Intuitive Interaction: Research and Application, CRC-Press Boca Raton, FL

Desai, Shital, Blackler, Alethea, & Popovic, Vesna (2016) Intuitive interaction in a mixed reality system. In proceedings of Design Research Society international conference 2016, 27-30 June 2016, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Desai, Shital, Blackler, Alethea, & Popovic, Vesna (2015) Intuitive use of tangible toys. In Popovic, Vesna, Blackler, Alethea L., Luh, Ding-Bang, Nimkulrat, Nithikul, Kraal, Ben J., & Nagai, Yukari (Eds.) Proceedings of the 6th IASDR (The International Association of Societies of Design Research Congress), Brisbane, Australia, pp. 522-540 (Best paper award)

Desai, Shital and Brooker, Graham (2008) Pattern synthesis of planar arrays using Genetic algorithms. In International Conference on Radar, Adelaide, SA, 2008, pp. 541-545.