Assessment and Stabilization Unit (ASU)

ASU provides a broad range of general and specialized care for adults aged 18-64.  Staff on ASU provide a safe and recovery-focused environment where patients, families, staff and community organizations work together to provide short-term crisis intervention, stabilization and treatment. Individualized treatment plans are developed in partnership with patients, the treatment team, families and other organizations.  ASU offers 27 inpatient beds including a high-level observation Unit. ASU accepts outpatients of Ontario Shores as well as patients transferred from other facilities who require specialized care. ASU provides comprehensive assessment and specialized psychiatric care with the aim of achieving rapid stabilization of mental health symptoms and promotes successful and timely transition back to community living and care.

How to access this service

Referrals are accepted from hospitals. All referrals are welcome. However, referrals from outside our primary service area are accepted for consultation only.

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