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Trent University Students Present

Interprofessional Grand Rounds
Grand Rounds

Lecture Theatre, Building 5, Level 2
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Topic #1: On the Same Page:  A Read Along Activity

Presented by:
Hannah Austin, Stephanie Andrade, Heidi McDowell
Learning Objectives:
1. Gain insight into how a Read Along activity can promote collective engagement within a per group
2. Explore how the social implications of collective engagement can impact personal recovery

Topic #2Remember When – A Music Appreciation Program

Presented by:
Ashley Muir, Chelsea Herbert, Hadia Mustansir, Maryam McManus
Learning Objectives:
1. Outline facilitation methods of music recreation therapy programs in geriatric clients
2. Recognize the effects of a Music Appreciation program on engagement and reminiscence in clients in the Geriatric Dementia Unit
3. Use the CHIME framework to promote recovery through a Music Appreciation Program

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