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Art and Music

Trent University Students Present

Topic #1: On the Same Page:  A Read Along Activity

Presented by:
Hannah Austin, Stephanie Andrade, Heidi McDowell
Learning Objectives:
1. Gain insight into how a Read Along activity can promote collective engagement within a per group
2. Explore how the social implications of collective engagement can impact personal recovery

Topic #2Remember When – A Music Appreciation Program

Presented by:
Ashley Muir, Chelsea Herbert, Hadia Mustansir, Maryam McManus
Learning Objectives:
1. Outline facilitation methods of music recreation therapy programs in geriatric clients
2. Recognize the effects of a Music Appreciation program on engagement and reminiscence in clients in the Geriatric Dementia Unit
3. Use the CHIME framework to promote recovery through a Music Appreciation Program

New Year; New Ideas 2022

Join us for the 5th Annual New Year; New Ideas event in collaboration with Ontario Tech University
and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences as we explore this year theme:

“Resilience and Innovation in the Face of a Global Pandemic”

Keynote address by
Jeffrey Sparr,
Co-Founder at PeaceLove Studios

Dr. Naheed Dosani, Emily Witlarge, Samantha Zhan, Dr. Christopher Collins, Dr. Wendy Stanyon,
Monica Jain, Dr. Simone Arbour

Breakout sessions:

  •  Adapting during COVID Chaos: Lessons Learned for the Next Disruption
  • Recovery College (explore cultural sensitivity in terms of the RC)

Registration is required:

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#MindVine Podcast Episode 16 - Lucas Silveira, The Cliks and Imagine Arts Festival

The #MindVine Podcast features news, views and interviews related to #mentalhealth, #mental illness and #recovery. Episode 16 features an interview with The Cliks Vocalist/Guitarist, Lucas Silveira (@thecliks). The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Communications team member Chris Bovie (@ChrisBovie1) and a special guest co-host Julie, Outpatient and Mental Health Advocate.

#MindVine Podcast Episode 37 - Tokyo Police Club, Imagine Festival

In this episode we are on site at the Regent Theatre in Oshawa with keyboardist Graham Wright and guitarist Josh Hook of Tokyo Police Club (@TokyoPoliceClub), this years Imagine Festival headliners. The Imagine Festival featured an introduction by Dani Stover, Announcer @Indie88Toronto (@danigray) and an opening performance by Lucas Silveira, Canadian Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter (@thecliks). This episode of the #MindVine podcast is hosted by Communications team member Chris Bovie (@ChrisBovie1).